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Zion's Black Book

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NevadaSlots, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. NevadaSlots


    Call me a newbie, but I've got a couple of questions about this black book.
    1. First off, is it just the Parks personal arsenal of off-trail routes shared by the first ascensionists and descentionists only available at the visitor's centers?
    2. I read references to the Black Book as if it was a published book for the public to buy, is this so?
    3. How many editions were made? and what were the differences between them.. which is best?
    4. What is this Green book I hear of? It looks like you can buy this on Amazon ( backcountry routes.&qid=1562619796&s=gateway&sr=8-1)
    5. When was it published?
    6. Who wrote it? and what is his story? It seems like this guy was quite the Zion explorer way back when.
    7. Does anyone have a copy ( or a scan) that I could buy off of you? (PM me) Or where can I get my hands on one?
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  2. Brian in SLC

    Brian in SLC Brian in SLC

    Salt Lake City
    1) Yes. Was behind the counter and request only.
    2) No.
    3) None.
    4) Yep.
    5) 1988.
    6) Thomas Brereton and James Dunaway
    7) Used book stores have it. Try ABE. 3.99 with free shipping.
  3. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    Tomas Brereton was killed on Mt Kinesava in 1979. I'm not sure how much he wrote and how much James Dunaway wrote since the book wasn't published until 9 years after the death of Tomas Brereton.
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