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zion national park / Behunin

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Tom Jones, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones Guest

    Actually, the messy dirty tree rappel thing is a good example of sheep syndrome. It sucks, AND is totally unnecessary, and people only do it because that is where the obvious trail goes.

    Follow the watercourse.

    Down the watercourse, a short rappel is made off a convenient, stout tree (requires sling) to the edge of a pothole, then down a second short drop into that knee-deep pool you spend so much effort avoiding when doing the messy rappel. A pleasant, scenic rappel.

    PLEASE READ THE LATEST BETA before doing this canyon and before doing Mystery.


    -- In Yahoo Canyons Group, neil wilkinson <mtngoat59102@y...> wrote: > But Jim,
    It's a simple scramble down to the big tree ... no rappelling needed! Doing that as a rap is for suckers! :)
    Just stir'in the pot, > Neil
    James Schnepel <jbschnepel@y...> wrote: > I like Behunin! I enjoy the hike to the's usually dry when I don't want to do a wet has some nice scenery...and the last rappel is quite spectacular with a grand view of the main canyon. About the only part I don't like is the dirt scramble/rappel down to the 3rd (?) to last rappel off the tree.
    Sincerely, > Sucker Jim
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  2. >>Actually, the messy dirty tree rappel thing is a good example of sheep syndrome. <<

    Speaking of sheep syndrome....... anyone read the story on Exum Guides in the latest issue of Outside Magazine? Good article, also has a nice spill about the difference between US and Euro guides and guiding........ baaa baaaa baaaa..... read the article and you'll get it.......

    The same rag also has a spill about "Thrill of the Skill". In the article it list's the ACA and how for $265 bones you can sign up for a 3-day course that ends in descent of Mystery Canyon........... HUH?!?!? Article comes complete with a pic of what I believe is Buckskin. I guess all slot canyons look alike to the editors of Outside. har har........

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