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Zion carpool? + Burro Beta

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Steve Brezovec, Aug 8, 2001.

  1. Anyone interested in a carpool to Zion leaving after workin' hours Friday (5pm)? Or possibly leaving earlier? (from SLC, that is)?

    I messed up and forgot to write this last post public... Burro goes from either the top or bottom. Access to the top is from the South Draw Road or from Boulder Highway to the Lower Bowns Road past Tantalus Flat. I recall that we use to do it (8+ years ago) without any ropes at all though occasionally we'd bring a short 50' section for "the Batman", which was essentially a handline section, or we would hip belay. I believe the biggest drop to be less than 30' feet. It's wet. Going up Burro there appears to be an unpassable dry falls but actually there's a walk around that begins several hundred yards down canyon. Any bolts that are in there were placed after 91' or so, as I remember the bolts appearing in 92' or so. Argue out the ethics on your own time but I'll tell you that dozens of people with average canyoneering skills did it for years without any bolts so the apperance of anchors baffles me. Not exactly a high traffic area. Beautiful slot.

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