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Zion ban lifted!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tricam, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. Tricam


    It looks like the canyoneering and overnight rockclimbing bans in Zion have just been lifted! I guess its going to be tricky to get passes for a while.
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  2. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    Zion Natl Park Wilderness Permitting for 9/24/20

    The Zion Canyon permit office will be open and staffed from 8-4:30 each day to answer Wilderness questions and issue permits. At this time, permits will not be issued at Kolob VC. Reservations will be available for September and October.

    Canyoneering Permits: (available as of 9/24/20) Permits will be issued the day before or the day of for canyoneering trips. In person only. Reservations can still be made for canyons and are encouraged. The Last Minute Drawing will take place for canyons that fill by reservations. (like the Subway) Last Minute Drawing process is still the same as in previous year. (Quick review below) There is no Advance Lottery at this time. Permits are required for all technical slot canyons. Permits will only be issued for canyons that do not have a swim at this time. This list of canyons may change as conditions change and as we learn more.

    Telling visitors to check our reservations system to see which canyons are open and available is going to be the best way for visitors to have current information. The canyons that are open and we are writing permits for will show in the selection list. Money will be collected through the drop box (located outside, next to the Wilderness window) to avoid contact.

    Payment can be exact change, check or credit card. Entrance Fees or pass sales will not be accepted by Wilderness staff. Shuttle tickets will be included for permitted canyon trips starting or ending from the Grotto or Temple. (Their permit will be used as their shuttle ticket.
    • Tom Jones
      Update: They have added availability in more canyons. The Subway is available, but only as a bottom-up hike, due to their concern about Cyanobacteria and swimming. They are concerned about mandatory swimming and CB, and I am under the impression (with scant evidence) they plan on ranging through each canyon to check for CB before releasing each for canyoneering. (I have volunteered to help - no response expected).
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  3. hank moon

    hank moon kinetically bulbous

    More info (Scroll down to "Follow these steps for a Canyoneering Permit):

    And a
    note from the park:

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