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What will it take to get Canyon Werks to start sewing again?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pictish, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Pictish


    Orem, UT
    Can I start a petition? I managed to snag one of their last rope bags and I absolutely love the darn thing. I've put it through the wringer and it hardly shows any signs of wear. Been waiting for them to go back into production so I can get a pack and a couple more rope bags. It's been a year since they've sewn anything. Seems they came up with the perfect design for canyoneering soft goods and promptly stopped making them. Anyone know what the story is?
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  2. Rapterman


    Hi Pictish
    Todd and Desi here from Canyon Werks.
    Currently, our focus is on keeping up with manufacturing the CRITR2 rappel device.
    Our sewing factory is overwhelmed,
    so we have handed off the rope bag program (patterns, punch dies, and fabric) to
    The BlueWater/CanyonWerks vinyl rope bags can be found by contacting them
    and also at
    As for canyoneering packs, I am wearing a KOLOB, from (I really love it!)
    Sorry for being out of touch, we are (finally) rebuilding our website and will include the links above.
    Todd and Desi
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  3. dakotabelliston

    dakotabelliston Living life to it's fullest

    Spanish Fork, UT
    I ordered 2 rope bags from adventureplus. It took them ~3 months to arrive, but they did arrive & are great. Order now & by next spring/summer you will be set.

    As for the packs. I would LOVE a canyonwerks pack & know a lot of people that would also love one. I'd sign that petition but don't think it will do me much good lol.

    Critr2 has been awesome !!! I still love my ATS and switch back & forth depending on the canyon & what I want to play with.

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