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What do you guys carry on your harness? And in your bag?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Torresdesa, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Torresdesa


    Oahu, Hawaii
    Feel free to critique what I carry or share what you carry on your harness and things you choose to keep in your bag. Let's discuss!

    My harness:
    Petzl Connect Adjust
    VT Prusik
    2 Handled Ascenders
    Mammut Sling (leg loop)
    2 Locking carabiners
    2 Quicklinks for anchor building

    In my bag:
    More quicklinks
    Figure 8 (for contingency anchors and backup device)
  2. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    The kind / style of canyons you are doing makes a big difference on this. And there is a lot of personal preference. Since I mostly do dryish Utah canyons (but use pretty much the same kit when canyoning, carried in the same places):

    My harness:
    Clipster w/ carabiner as leash.
    Critr w/ Carabiner.
    One carabiner on belay loop to orient Critr flat.
    Two Large Carabiners for rigging. (more carabiners in some circumstances).

    In Pack, but on the harness at times:
    Knife on a carabiner - on the harness if we are cutting webbing for rigging.
    Ascending kit: 1 MicroTraxion plus 1 Petzl Basic on a carabiner - on harness for long rappels (>100 feet), or at least should be.
    Fiddlestick/carabiner - on harness when expecting to use it. After using it, it is usually stuck in the pull cord bag.

    In Pack, rarely carried on harness:
    Webbing, black, 1" tubular. usually at least 30 feet for re-rigging or rigging anchors.
    Rapid Links, 7mm, likely 2.
    More carabiners perhaps.
    Another rappel device, perhaps.

    Worn on the body, handy:
    3 or 4 over-the-shoulder slings. 2 are often tied to the pack as the Pack Leash, the others over-the shoulder. These are part of my ascending kit (foot loop) and useful at anchors to make a place to clip in for myself and/or others.

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  3. RobbyB


    I have swung back and forth from carrying as much as I can on the harness to carrying as little as possible and storing most things in my pack. The shift is mostly due to having worn through gear loops and dropped items a time or two.

    Echoing Tom, I am sure this answer depends on where you are canyoneering, my answer is specific to the Colorado Plateau.

    On the harness:
    -Rappel device
    -Spare, big locker

    over the shoulder:
    double length sling(s)

    In the pack:
    -self rescue kit(tiblocs, spare lockers, knife or trauma shears, cordelette)
    -extra anchor materials
    -Lowering sling(girth hitched to the grab loop, usually tucked away inside)
  4. Canyonero


    Exactly. Once you start wearing out $100+ microtraxions without having used them, you take them off your harness and put them in your pack. Anything outside the pack is wearing out and will need to be replaced soon...just like the pack.
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