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Waterholes Canyon

Discussion in 'Arizona' started by Sonny Lawrence, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Sonny Lawrence

    Sonny Lawrence

    The area around Waterholes Canyon, Arizona has become quite busy with the increase of tourism around Horseshoe Bend. As a result, the Arizona Department of Transportation now forbids parking on the side of Highway 89 for safety reasons. The Coalition of American Canyoneers (CAC) is working with Navajo Parks representatives to establish a permanent parking solution. In the interim, either have somebody drop you off at the bridge over the canyon, or ask the family who guides upper Waterholes Canyon for permission to park in their lot immediately northeast of the bridge behind the barb wire fence. If you are granted parking permission you may be asked to pay a parking fee which has been $10 per vehicle most recently. If you believe you'll arrive back at your vehicle after 5pm, which is quite likely given the length of the loop, be sure to arrange with the guide family for access to your vehicle after hours before you begin the Waterholes descent.

    The CAC will provide updates as significant changes occur here:
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