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International VN: West Fk + East Fk Big Danish Canyon

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by yetigonecrazy1, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. yetigonecrazy1

    yetigonecrazy1 yeti in the jungle

    Had some friends come to visit for the weekend, so took them to our local water park and had a great day romping down both the East Fork and the West Fork of Big Danish Canyon. Skipped the lower section of the main stem due to time but ended up with two trips through the heart of the gorge in addition to a couple of rappels (7m and 30m). Great day out in a fun canyon with great folks!

    "Heart Falls"


    Getting prepped for the big one [Big Danish Falls]

    First one down

    Rap the first half, stem through a mini-slot, and then rap/slide your way into the pool.....too much fun!!

    Like a water park

    Yours truly halfway down

    Looking back at Big Danish Falls

    Eric, visiting from France, 25+ years of canyon guiding experience, awesome guy to have on your team

    Fun jump in the heart of Big Danish Gorge

    All smiles below
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