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News Venus and Jupiter are having an amazing close encounter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ram, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Ram


    This doesn't seem right about Mercury? How could it be higher in the sky than the other planets.
    Anyway the 3rd and 4th brightest objects in the sky are close IF you have you have horizon sunset this eve

    When the sun goes down tonight, Aug. 27th, step outside and look west. Venus and Jupiter are having an amazing close encounter--only 1/15th of a degree apart. If you hold a pencil at arm's length, the eraser would cover both planets at once. The best place to see this conjunction is from the southern hemisphere. Stephen Mudge sends this picture from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia:


    "I captured the 2 planets (plus Mercury) above Brisbane's iconic Story Bridge using a Canon 6D and 35mm lens," Mudge says. "It was a beautiful evening."

    This conjunction is easy to see in the southern hemisphere where the planets are high in the sky. Not so on the other side of the equator. In the northern hemisphere, Venus and Jupiter hug the horizon at sunset, barely visible in the orange glow of early twilight. This shot from Manhattan shows what to expect.

    Can you see the conjunction? Submit your photos here
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  2. John Styrnol

    John Styrnol

    Grand Junction, Colorado
    All three of those planets have been under the horizon after sunset in GJ for at least a month or so.
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