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Upper Granary in winter, Chamber of the Balisk ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by robert kyslovsky, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. robert kyslovsky

    robert kyslovsky

    Hello, everyone--I had this in my old Big Horn thread but figured it may get more attention under its own title since the information I am inquiring about relates not to big horn (thanks already for that) but rather about upper granary and chamber of the balisk in winter conditions...current conditions...

    Heading to do Big Horn in the next few days but just got another day I can spend also, and am looking for something nearby short and easy which I have not done. I have done all the routes in arches except big horn, but not many outside of the park except for medieval chamber and pool arch, each of which were a blast in winter. I am looking for a second canyon, to be done on a second day, but no more than a half day canyon, similar or shorter in length than big horn which I presume to complete in three hours but for which I am allotting four and change (I have been to the Tunnel and to Ring Arch previously, so my times noted are just for the big horn route proper). Anyway, I am thinking upper granary may fit the bill--but is it pretty damp?, or maybe a jaunt over to Goblin and experience the Chamber of the Balisk, then a couple hours in Little Wild Horse. Never done those, look impressive, anyone have any recent condition reports about either? Or thoughts either way? Thanks everyone, I will post up a few pics and a brief report about whatever routes we ultimately descend. Thanks again, and wishes for a Safe and Healthy 2016.
  2. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    Upper Granary would likely be very wet with swimming. We did middle and lower Granary over Thanksgiving weekend, but we skipped upper because it was filled with water.

    PS, North Wash has many dry canyons right now. I'd head there.
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