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TR: Bluejohn Canyon – Like A Moth To A Flame

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by James B Wadsworth, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Went to Bluejohn a weekend back to see the place that made Aron Ralston a millionaire. Ended up with nine of us total with a couple of newbies in the mix (even more novice than I am, try to imagine well only in experience not in ability). Saturday we started from the Climb-Utah "Alternate Trailhead" went down the West Fork and down through the Ralston Narrows section (why not name it after him after all there is a little piece of him still there) all the way to the Horseshoe Canyon Trailhead. Weather was great, this is a great time of year to be in that area. It was a lot of hiking to do just a short couple of sections of slot, but is was a great hike with awesome scenery well worth it. I did it in just under ten hours hike time with the fast ones in the group doing it in just over eight.

    As for the spot, all I can say is damn. With all of the choke stones around it was like standing in a hole. Can't imagine spending all that time there alone. The hike below the accident site to the Big Drop was a lot harder than I had imagined. But then again I do not fair well in the super tight slots. There are parts were my hips and thunder thighs would not fit. I got myself pretty exhausted flailing around in there. But I did have both of my arms so I will stop acting like a pussy. But overall I highly recommend the hike especially for those who have read the book or are interested in the story. I thought for sure with all the media around the recent release of the book that there would be droves of fellow tragedy fascinated canyoneers in the canyon. But I guess the fifty miles of dirt road and ten plus mile hike scared them all away. Or we just got lucky because we didn't see a soul until we were below the Great Gallery.

    Sunday five of us did Little Bluejohn (the other four went to San Rafael to climb). A great short little slot. Nice rappels and not to tight. Great for beginners.

    Just wanted to thank Shane for his bomber directions and descriptions. They were really handy. Get it? HANDY? Ha ha ha (thanks to my friends for an endless amount of tasteless jokes weekend)

    James W
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