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TR: Blue Pool Canyon 4/10/09

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Shaun, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Guest

    Pics over at bogley

    Beta: Trailhead located on Hwy 89 between Kanab and Page right after the town Big Water between mile post 4 & 3 closer to 4. If coming from Kanab, after crossing the bridge look for a pullout and dirt road on the right and park here. Follow the road through the gate, close it and hike to the head of the slot because the canyon has a couple quick down climbs. All of the drops can be down climbed easily by a skilled canyoneer. The last drop is the only rappel (though it can be down climbed with exposure, be careful if you down climb because the drop goes from tight to wide with exposure) from 2 bolts and 2 pitons on the left LDC. For an exit keep following the wash to the mouth of the canyon, make a left and find a weekness in the cliffs to regain the rim. I found it easies to follow a zig-zgging patter up the dryfall I found.

    Trip Report: Because of the proximity to the Hwy there is a lot of trash in the canyon. No amazing slot canyon geological features. Not really worth it IMO. Maybe if you are in the area and need some time to kill. Though bad canyon > work. Also found a dead fox and coyote in the canyon.

    I found at every down climb there was a sling for an anchor. For a skilled canyoneer these drops are easy to down climb. I removed all the slings. Plus those slings wouldn't be safe to use because no rapide/QL was left so there were plenty of rope burns compromising the strength of the webbing.

    Found a car, yes a car that is now a choke stone in the canyon. Shortly after this I found a sign "No Motor Vehicles" in the canyon. I LOL at that. Someone used a partly buried car engine as a deadman anchor (again easy down climb so I removed the warn and rope burn slings).

    I didn't remove two slings that do need to be cleaned up. The first was an anchor built out of water ski rope??? No idea what purpose it even served??? It is a triple ??? kind of an anchor. Who ever was skilled enough to get in position to set up this anchor was skilled enough to down climb these two drops. I pulled and pulled but it was jammed. I was running short on time and need to hurry so I left it. Now I wish I would have cleaned it up. To clean this instead of down climbing, chimney or stem climb out to the large choke stone boulder and then use a knife or un-jam the water ski rope anchor.

    Shortly after this was the last drop and anchor. This was another WTF ??? kind of an anchor: from 2 bolts & 2 pitons, with a minimum of 4 unique strands of webbing, and a knotted climbing rope. I stood there pondering how to de-rig this anchor and how was I going to reset it. I kept standing there until I decided to pull out my knife and cut the whole thing off. One problem, I left the knife in the car. Now what? I just stood there looking at the strange engineering of the anchor. The sun was starting to set and I wanted to head back for dinner, so I just down climbed it.

    This anchor is so bad that I want to do this canyon again and clean it up, and the other remaining trash I was unable to. I apologize to the community for not doing so. This anchor is unsafe to use because: it's been there a long time and show a lot of signs of wear, no safe place to thread a rope and pull it despite there being numerous quick links buried beneath the rats-nest of webbing, and others frustrated with this anchor thread their rope through the webbing causing rope burns through the webbing too numerous to count.

    After this drop the canyon widens and a slot canyon comes in from the right. If you want more fun you can stem & chimney climb up these drops for an exit. Or use an exit on the left from the mouth of a canyon.
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