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TR: Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Chris Reeves, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Chris Reeves

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    I finally made it down to Lake Powell to go up Antelope Canyon last weekend. My brother and I left Friday after work and got their at about 6-7 Just as the sun was getting ready to go down. We were planning to go up the lake to Tower Butte and up either Labyrinth, Face or the supposedly awesome West Canyon. We decided to take it easy this time and kayak up Antelope Canyon from Antelope Point Marina. We ran into a few boats on the way up making some sweet waves for us to kayak through between the narrow walls. Once we caught up to them up canyon they sat their and took pictures of us as we kayaked past. The scenery going up canyon was awesome. The water was glass with reflections of the canyon walls perfectly clear across the water. We could tell once we were getting close cause the water was covered in wood debris that had washed down. The canyon wasn't really anything spectacular but we came across a lot of trash. Many bottles, paper, a tent, a map of Powell, and even metal railing and stairs that I assume had washed out of the corkscrew. We finally came to a drywash that was too difficult just to climb up and over and nothing to connect a rope to and too tall to lidt someone up and over so we had to go back down canyon to a small opening that would take us up and over the top of Antelope Canyon where we found a pretty easy route back into the canyon. Once we were back in the canyon it wasn't far until we found a small opening in the wall to the left that led us to the famous Corkscrew of Antelope Canyon. My brother made his way up the sandstone wall in the stairs that had been dug into the rock. Once he was up he hooked the rope into the anchor up top and I carried all the camera equipment and backpacks up the rope. Once in the corkscrew there were lots of people coming and going, lots of European tourists. The corkscrew was a lot smaller that I had expected, but still very awesome. I guess it was the wrong time of the year to get the famous light shaft coming down the canyon walls, but I was still able to get some decent pictures. Once we got the pictures we wanted we packed the cameras and headed back down canyon to our kayak and back down the lake to our truck. After that, on our way home we got over to Horseshoe Bend just in time for the sun to go behind the horizon and get some good shots of the awesome landscape. I can't believe I have lived in Southern Utah for all this time and haven't made it to either landmark until now. It was a great time! Next will be Labyrinth, Face and West Canyons, but we plan to get a small trolling boat to make the trip up the lake.

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