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Toss Bag Trip Report

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. Thanks to Tom and Shane for commenting on my previous Toss Bag Design? post. Here is a field report:

    I took two new guys (keen-for-adventure climbing gym types) down Eardley-StraightWash and Quandry-Direct last weekend. Eardley was full and we only had to do a little pack-push to get out of the second pothole up from wonder pool. All the other holes were swim and whale out.

    On the other hand Quandry was pretty dry (goes to show how crucial catch basin size is). The 3rd pothole down (the BIG one) had seven feet of water in it, leaving about 10 feet of lip to scale out of. Being the senior advisor (and the only one with canyon experience), I promoted Tom's advice and we tossed the "other guys" pack. However, we also tried the Toss Bag described below. The main advantage, and perhaps a significant one, is that it is really easy to throw (compared with heaving a bulky pack) - either for a long ways, or from a tight area (like from within the small pothole just before the knife-edge lipped one). As many of the shallower holes were dry there was an adequate source of gravel. As it is basically just a stuff sack (which can be used for your wetsuit or dry suit, for example), I think I'll make it a standard item to take. The trip went fine except we got to the ramp in Ramp Canyon at dusk. Fortunately just enough light was left for me to climb up and set a rope (the gym rats didn't like the exposure).

    Toss Bag Details:

    Started with a #8 coated nylon stuff sack. 1600 cu inches, weight 3oz (with webbing attached, see below). Could be smaller (1600 ci ~ a cubic feet, or more than 50 pounds when full of gravel). Sewed 1/2 inch webbing around the top, with four open spaces through which to thread the rope. Over-stitched the bottom too (for extra stength) and seam-sealed it. When tossing this beast there is a lot of clearance and with a swinging action you really can fling it a long ways.

    John Hart
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