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The Pursuit of Happiness

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kuenn, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Kuenn


    6 degrees (-3 windchill) this morning out my window and 42 deg in Springdale. Something crazy upside down with that picture... come git your dang weather!

    Even the local bovine are wanting relief!
    FullSizeRender (3).
    But I digress.

    A cold winter's day can be just the catalyst for reverie to happier (warmer) times and adventures.

    An article from the Taco provided the needed respite.

    Teaser (Fisher Towers, Moab)
    The writer then makes the astute observation, "The route is whatever experience you have on it. As Harding famously said, "Start at the bottom and come out somewhere at the top."

    I appreciate his candor. Often too quick to pass judgement about methods, technique and even routes, we (self-included X2) should allow latitude (as long as it's not reckless) and respect the user experience. In other words, "whatever experience you have on it".

    Begging the question, "What makes you happy and how do you find it?"
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