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The pack that goes everywhere

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by Ram, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Ram


    So while you....or at least many of you are attending either the Ouray Rendezvous or post storm Zion, splashing about, Aaron and I are tag teaming thru this event, in Fort Collins
    I just handed the baton off to Aaron and I noticed him on his way out the door, carrying a Leprechaun pack. I commented. He then said that it was the most versatile pack he has. When Tom designed it, I am sure he did not envision it carrying trash liners, dispenser keys, rags and cleaning solutions, but there it was. On his way out the door he said..."Not only has it been through PINTAC, DDI, SOS, Shenanigan's,he Beast, Glaucoma and many other X canyons or tight squeezers, it has done The Teton Grand Traverse, the Nose on El Capitan, but also multiple climbs up the Diamond on Long's Peak. Thought people should know and consider that

  2. gajslk


    It's similar to my old BD Bullet pack, the cordura one with the quickdraw logo and the sewn-on daisy. It's my favorite small pack.
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  3. 2065toyota


    I carry one to my office and work almost every day. Holds my laptop and all my paperwork perfectly

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