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Technical Canyons for Beginners

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by ron4c, May 3, 2002.

  1. ron4c

    ron4c Guest

    Have done some non technical canyons such as Buckskin, Bull Valley gorge, and Little Death Hollow. What beginner technical canyons would the group recommend in zion,escalante, and the swell in late May/ early June that would involve reppells not more than 40 feet and not require a wet suit. Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. Shane B.

    Shane B. Guest

    Good beginner TECHNICAL canyons with short raps (<40') and no wetsuit......let's see what we got....

    Zion need a wet suit for most but the Subway and Orderville Gulch are both great and fit your criteria. If you can beg, borrow or steal a wetsuit you can add keyhole and Middle Echo to the list. Both these can be done without wet suits on hot July or August days but you probably want a wet suit in May, early June.

    San Rafael Swell Lower Eardley Canyon is a good slot, Quandary (regular route and NOT the direct route), Ding and Dang, Baptist Draw/Upper Chute is a good canyon to start technical canyoneering in, however the last rappel is 80 feet. The Lower Black Box and the Upper Black Box.

    Cedar Mesa The Black Hole should be on everbody's must do list. Gravel is not difficult technically but you must be able to navigate or at least use a GPS. Don't miss Fry Canyon while you are in the area.

    That should keep you busy and realativly safe if you use your noggin'

    Shane Burrows Climb Utah - Canyoneering & Mountaineering
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