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News Super Blue Blood Moon - Jan 31st

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike Zampino, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Mike Zampino

    Mike Zampino Canyon season never ends.

    Phoenix, AZ
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  2. Ram


    Hee hee.
    16 hours away

    LUNAR ECLIPSE OBSERVING TIPS: The full Moon is about to pass through the shadow of Earth, turning the normally gray lunar disk a lovely shade of coppery-orange. When should you look? For people in the USA, the answer is Wednesday morning, Jan. 31st, just before sunrise. This graphic prepared by Larry Koehn of depicts key moments of the eclipse in the Pacific Time Zone:


    Other time zones are available, too: UT, EST, CST, MST, PST, HST.

    The timing of the eclipse favors western US states. The Moon will spend more than an hour inside the core of Earth's shadow--and people on the Pacific side of the country will see all of it. On the Atlantic coast, people will see only a partial eclipse or no eclipse at all.


    Elsewhere in the world, the eclipse will be fully visible across the Pacific Ocean, Asia, and Australia. The eclipse will not be visible in Africa, South America, or western Europe: global map.

    Did you know that climate scientists pay special attention to lunar eclipses? Dark eclipses are a sign of volcanic aerosols in the stratosphere--particles that can reflect sunlight and cool the planet. Bright eclipses, on the other hand, are a sign that the stratosphere is clear. A clear stratosphere "lets the sunshine in" to warm the planet below.

    "I welcome any and all reports on the brightness of this eclipse for use in my volcano-climate studies," says Emeritus Prof. Richard Keen of the University of Colorado. "While actual brightness measurements (in magnitudes) made near mid-totality are most useful, I can also make use of Danjon-scale ratings. Please be sure to note the time, method, and instruments used in your reports." Observations may be submitted here.

    Realtime Eclipse Photo Gallery

    GLOWING 3D PRINTED MOON GLOBE: Looking for an over-the-Moon Valentine's gift? Consider this: On Jan. 4, 2018, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus flew this 3D printed Moon globe to the edge of space:


    The surface of the sphere is an accurate topo-map of lunar terrain, tracing every major crater and mountain range. It is also a night light. A built-in USB-rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of romantic illumination. A helium-filled space weather balloon lifted this globe and several others to the stratosphere, reaching an altitude of 36.3 km (119,095 ft).

    You can have one for $149.95. Each glowing orb comes with a greeting card showing the Moon in flight and telling the story of its journey to the edge of space. Sales support the Earth to Sky Calculus cosmic ray ballooning program and hands-on STEM research.

    Far Out Gifts: Earth to Sky Store
    All proceeds support hands-on STEM education

    MAKE YOUR OWN LUNAR ECLIPSE GLASSES: Do you have left-over safety glasses from last August's solar eclipse? Geologist Rik Smoody of Portland, Oregon, shows us how to turn them into lunar eclipse glasses:


    LOL Rik.

    That's right, you don't need special glasses to view a lunar eclipse. The shadowed Moon is painless to behold. Observers in the USA should face west in the hours before sunrise on Wednesday, Jan. 31st. The orange orb sinking toward the horizon is safe to observe with the naked eye as well as unfiltered telescopes and binoculars. Enjoy the show!
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  3. Ram


    I call it discovery. How things differ here and differ there. Why is this that and that is this, Tie in what your expectation is.....And expectations are nothing to sneeze at......It fascinates me. So with an open, yet excited mind, I sought this blue, blood, super moon.

    It arrived in the few hours before sunrise. It is easy for me. I work at that time and require little sleep. I estimate that I have seen 13,000 sunrises in my life. A blessing for me. Oh how many fine shows I have seen. If I had the equipment, and the eye of a Dan Ransom or a Bill Church or a....Anyway, I digress....

    Timing is much of the game, but as they say in real estate...Location, location, location. So I am in town..Ummm. Light pollution. The timing is late, thus the moon is low in the sky, so one has to look through more atmosphere.

    What I see is...nearly nothing. This moon is not stark red, but nearly invisible.

    So what do I take away from this? Disappointment? It is there for the taking. I don't give a rat's butt about blue moons. That is simply a mathematical thing, that is the historical transition from moon based calendar to the present arbitrary one.

    The eclipse thing? That is different. The coincidence that the distance and size differentials of the sun and moon that create them, is pretty cool, don't you think?

    So here I am, disappointed with the visual show and what does my electro-chemical brain, supporting a bag of water, do with it? It finds joy. I imagine the straight line from the moon, to the closest place on Earth to it. Imagine it going directly through the Earth, straight to the sun. I look at what is my guess of where 180 degrees opposite the moon, though the Earth is and imagine the sun there, even in the dark.

    Anyone who has not seen the 1947 version of "the miracle on 34th Street," has my recommendation to do so. The "Kris Kringle" character talks to an 8 year old Natalie Wood (Susie), whose mother has taught her to look at the world realistically, thus does not know how to use her imagination. He states...."You have heard of the French nation? And the British nation?....this is the Imagine nation"

    Support is under attack

    Joy to you all

    Now returning you to the regularly scheduled programing.
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