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"Some" photos of the current bolts in Zero G

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Derrick Snider, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Derrick Snider

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    Grand Junction Colorado
    So we had to abort our journey though Zero G on Thursday due to thunderstorms.. the clouds were staying at bay for awhile but we went up a canyon a bit and explored a little while... we were about to descend into the first narrows but the clouds weren't looking good.. (Weather apps said storm wasn't arriving for another 2 hours).. were just about to commit, when I decided that considering my rookie stemming skills and that I would probably be a little slower than my buddy in the canyon etc (and the fact that I have been caught in one flash flood in the subway/zion 2 years ago) I told my buddy I didn't feel good about commuting and we called it off. Half way back to the car it was POURING RAIN. We made the right call.. I had a prior engagement the next morning and had to leave, but my friend took a couple of photos and I am posting them here... He did NOT get a photo of the new bolt out in FRONT of the chockstone unfortunately, but he has a photo of the one behind the stone and a photo of the bolt that stud from the one that was removed... I was hoping to post photos of all, but I wasn't personally able to do the canyon :(

    Hope this at least a LITTLE help though.. I have it my best shot, but I feel I made a smart decision not doing zero g, especially being a beginner and REALLY had a hard time saying no...

    Anyways, the image with the bolt and cheap rope hanging from it is the bolt BEHIND the chockstone (closer to the inside of the narrows of the canyon), and the other image (if you look slightly left of center, close to the top) you will the stud where the bolt was removed.. The image I WISH I HAD is the bolt that's out near the V opening, but according to my friend that bolt is about the same height as the one that was removed but it quite a bit closer the opening over the pool rather than behind or right over the chockstone... Sorry for the half ass trip report, but it's something at least



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  2. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah

    Thanks for the pics.

    Still Curious Tom
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