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UT: Cedar Mesa Short and sweet Duckett

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Mountaineer, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Mountaineer

    Mountaineer Is that an X slot?

    It is starting to become an annual tradition. Cedar Mesa. My wife and I took a couple of days to enjoy the solitude of this fantastic area. In between Blanding and Hanksville, there may not seem to be much out there. But to us canyoneers, there is wealth to see.


    We first took some time to check out Road Canyon, and many of the ancient ruins. With all the heavy rains that week, and more showers predicted, it seemed like the best bet. If you get a chance, Fallen Roof Granary and the Citadel are absolutely amazing. Well worth the trip, even though you don't need a rope...

    We first went and checked out Short Canyon, close to Duckett crossing. Not expecting much, we were pleasantly surprised. There are several minor challenges in there, starting off with a moderately difficult downclimb. You know, the ones you say once you get to the bottom: "Hey, I could have done that". Anyway, I set an anchor off a large fallen log. So, perhaps optional when you find it. But we did escape without a broken ankle (or two).


    We then headed over to Duckett Slot, and it kicked our butts. There are definitely some great challenging downclimbs in this one, with very little anchor possibilities. There are also 2-3 very narrow sections you may need to stem over. So be ready.


    But the downclimbing and narrows (typical average canyoneering day, right?) wasn't what kicked our butts, but wearing wetsuits. We put them on before things started to slot up. Since the next section would hold all the warned about water. But it never materialized. I seem to always relearn the same lesson: don't put on the suits until water is proven. Then once I learn that lesson, I get to the really narrow stuff that has water, but no room to get a wetsuit on. Choices.


    Oh, and yeah, there is a neat panel along the way...some obscure place around white canyon. A good one to enjoy, and preserve for future generations.


    Short took us about 2 hours, but we took the long exit rather than a proven climbing shortcut. Duckett was about 4 hours, and that included about a 1 hour siesta at the final oasis rap. Amazing spot!


    Both canyons were fantastic. Would I do them again? Just name the time. :twothumbs:
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    Downward Bound

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