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AZ: Mogollon Rim Salome Creek - The Jug - May 30, 2020

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by clangingsymbol, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. clangingsymbol


    Ran the Jug with a buddy this weekend. Just a word of caution for anyone planning to run it in the coming weeks. There was a dead bobcat in the creek about 50 yards above the "Leaning Tower of the Salome"...if you are familiar with that spot. I nearly stepped on it, not noticing it was a bobcat until I saw a strange "rock" poking out of the water and realized..."that ain't no's hallow, pointed and...ATTACHED TO A CAT!!!". One of the two guys behind us fully stepped on it before he realized what it was.

    The carcass was still relatively in pliable, not bloated and nothing eating it or crawling on it. Then again, it was fully submerged other than the mentioned ear. Flow was about normal for the end of May, maybe slightly on the lower side of normal. As the flow rate slows, the carcass will become more exposed and decomposition will start to set in and become quite unpleasant. If you would like to run the Jug this season, I recommend doing it sooner...or finding another canyon if it is much later than June 15th or so. Hopefully it will wash out after the first good monsoon of the season and not continue to be an issue.

    Stay safe!

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