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Roost v. Swell canyons for our annual trip ???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Houston Hardin, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. Houston Hardin

    Houston Hardin

    Have 15 yrs of Zion canyon experience and less elsewhere...

    Been to the Roost 3 times, never the Swell (aside from a pit stop at Z-G) and planning to head there in Sept to hit the rec'd High Spur area canyons ( Big Spring, Tidwell, High Spur) in addition to Not Mindbender.

    So the question is : Should we stay in the Roost and hit Larry (will be my 3rd trip but new for others on the trip) too..


    Bust outta the Roost and hit either Quandary or Black Box canyon in the Swell (all new area to us) ????

    We've thoroughly done the Leps, Poison Springs, Woody, Larry, Bluejohn for reference.

    We are planning to hit ChopRock ( done once long ago) as we migrate back to Vegas for flights back home after our annual canyon trip ( 20th year, same crew!).

    I state the above just to convey level of experience - distinctly average for a local and prob pretty high for a flatlander, East of the MS river....

    So... Is making the effort to do Black Box or Quandary canyon worth it ...over giving up a day in Larry for the crew ( 1/2 have done it) ....OR... is it logistically better to just leave the entire Swell area for a dedicated weeklong trip another year?

    (if Swell...then where should we camp ? )

    Thanks in advance and thanks for allowing non Westerners out to your awesome playgrounds. As Ive aged caving has become more painful and canyoneering more pleasurable !
  2. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    Best two canyons in the Swell are Quandary (Direct) and The Squeeze. Both do well out of the Hidden Splendor campsite... a very nice campsite, especially after camping in the Roost!

  3. Houston Hardin

    Houston Hardin

    thank you very much Tom.
    I'll look into The Squeeze....already sounding iffy for my big frame. hahah.

    I have one more pesky question for you.... We're doing Rock canyon over in your neck of the "woods" . I've been there and have seen the petroglyphs and know where it is (and of course know not to mess with them)...My question is...can you give me an idea of where the "Spanish Sword" is located ? I'd like to see it for the heck of it since I know we'll be close to it...even though we are exiting up French canyon which I believe is opposite direction of the Sword's location.

    Thanks and I get it if you'd rather not post it.
    PM me or email me if you'd rather.
    Or just let me flounder around in the desert until I die of dehydration looking for it. Hah.

    Houston Hardin
    Jackson, MS

    (friend of Kuenn from Cullman, AL )

    rhouston8 AT

    google mail thingy.


    I'm very sorry to have heard of your guide friends fall in Mystery.
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