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International Return to Tuy Loan - High Water

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by yetigonecrazy1, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. yetigonecrazy1


    Gunnison, CO
    Just about a year after last year's trip, I had some family come and visit me looking for some adventure. So I made a return to this canyon with my brother-in-law in tow, as well as with some friends who had been wanting to do this since last year. This return trip featured water MUCH higher than last time, creating a nerve racking situation in the crux of the gorge. The crux move involved dropping from a shelf, onto a boulder, smearing over the side of that boulder and dropping down to another, all right next to a raging waterfall and in the bottom of a tight gorge. It was awkward and required concentration but everyone nailed it perfectly, especially with the help of some webbing that we set up. All in all, a great time in a great place with great folks. Estimate the flow was about 50 cfs? Maybe a touch more? Fun, but don't think I'd like to do it any higher. Total time was about 5 hours.

    (This is an abbreviated report, a full write-up can be found on my website.)

    Comparison Shot from last year's low water to this year's high water. Last year you could crawl behind and hang out in this waterfall. This year the waterfall would've chundered you hard.

    TuyLoan2-02 Downcanyon.JPG
    TuyLoan2-04 Boys Floating.JPG
    TuyLoan2-08 David Chute.JPG
    TuyLoan2-11 Falls.JPG
    beautiful canyon though
    TuyLoan2-15 Pool Before Crux.JPG pool above the crux section
    TuyLoan2-17 Falls Above Crux.JPG falls before the crux moves
    TuyLoan2-20 Crux Matters 3.JPG
    sorting out how we were going to move through
    TuyLoan2-24 Narrows.JPG
    the narrows we come out of. no pictures here, mandatory swim below the crux
    TuyLoan2-23 Confluence Falls.JPG
    scenic side stream falls
    TuyLoan2-26 Thac Coi 2.JPG
    big falls, think my kayaker friends would have liked this today
    TuyLoan2-30 David Jump.JPG
    nice jump below the falls. the cauldron at the base looked just too strong....
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