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UT: Zion Return to Kolob

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Mountaineer, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Mountaineer

    Mountaineer Is that an X slot?

    Lately my trips have gone from several a month, to now several months between trips...sigh. Hopefully sooner rather than later my life balance will get back to normal again.


    Here we go

    After multiple false starts week after week, and re-planning, our dream of getting back to Kolob came true. Last weekend, Tyler, Katelyn, Elizabeth, Curtis, and I made the long drive. After several failed loop attempts in trying to find just one of the six campgrounds at Lava Point, we fell back to plan B.

    Just before bed, Katelyn finally spoke up from her small bivy under a sparse tree. "Uh, I really think I want to sleep in a tent tonight". The clouds did look a little suspect...and glad we did. It poured hard for 30 minutes or so around 10 pm. And this time, the rain turned out to be our fortune!


    Too short to reach...opted for the back float

    We started early. On the wet trail around 5:30. Once we found the canyon head, we were all soaked to the bone. The flow seemed to be a good pace, reasonable. Certainly a lot more water than when I did it last a few years ago. However the crashing at the first waterfall gave us pause. Was that too much? The water district said 3 CFS, and the ranger said about 0 (maybe a trickle). But the recent rains seemed to have changed things. Lots of nice flow! We suited up, neoprene gloves, hoodies and all. We were ready.


    I skipped the rope

    The water was surprisingly warm. Not only that, the flow turned out to be perfect. Fun to get showered on all the way down, but not too intense. The descent was smooth and almost routine making it one of the most fantastic trips I've been on. Experience and confidence made the trip beautiful and fulfilling.


    No broken leg, so it must be OK for me to try...

    Wetsuits off, then to the waterfall for some water purification. (Purify here? Hmmm...we didn't chance it).

    We all thought the "ankle biter" wading through all the water was the worst part. It felt like it went on forever. I took a fall but recovered. Elizabeth took one later on and stopped her fall by breaking a finger. The wades and swims through various sections were fun (no need to get on the wetsuits again). And the MIA exit was a relief. Plenty of clouds, and a nice cool afternoon. We all would do a dozen of those vs. fighting the creek. And finally, the maze of roads seem to never end. Piece of cake normally I'm sure, but after a long 14 hour day it pushed our limits.


    Shower fun

    What a fantastic, amazing canyon. Kolob gives you the fun upfront, then you pay it back on the way out. But all well worth it. Kolob is a gift to us all. Thanks to those who have taken care by leaving it in such a pristine state. Let's keep it that way.


    So he can tie a clove hitch, but not his shoe lace?


    Dyneema pull
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