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Rescue in Upper Salmon River Gorge, OR - August 5-6, 2017

Discussion in 'Accidents and Near Misses' started by hank moon, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. hank moon

    hank moon lovely ligatures

    Posted w/permission (see original post on FB for videos).

    We had an epic rescue Saturday night and into Sunday! 22 hours!

    A young man who was canyoneering in the upper Salmon River gorge leapt into the river at Fustration Falls and suffered a compound fracture of his ankle. He was at the bottom of one of Clackamas County's deepest, steepest and most remote wilderness canyons!
    We got the call at 5PM and spent much of the night hiking in 4 miles and deploying 2700' of rope (roughly 200#). Once we reached him it was apparent that it would be better to have an Oregon National Guard helicopter drop a hoist and extract him. The first try was aborted because it was too dangerous and they returned to Salem, refueled, got another crew and better hoist mechanism and returned to pluck him off the river bottom at 11AM.

    Then began the work of gathering ropes and equipment, climbing out of the canyon and hiking 4 miles back to the road.

    Time to get some sleep






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    Nice work! Get some sleep!
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