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Regardin April Rendezvous...

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Randi, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. Randi

    Randi Guest

    Hi Rich, I looked for your phone # from a previous e-mail but couldn't find it....or I would have called. I want to sign up for the April trip, but don't know whether I should drive or fly. Could you point me in the right direction on the map as to where it is taking place? It's the Escalante trip I'm planning on attending....but Escalante includes a pretty big area. If I drive...I think I'm coming alone as my only friend from LA is attending the AZ. trip.....if I fly, I need a way to get around once I'm there. Are people camping or going to motels? If it's a camping trip then I'd for sure have to drive....anyway, thanks for the sometimes hilarious posts (it's a nice break from the more serious side of this group!) if you could point me in the right direction map wise I'd appreciate it. Does any paperwork come in the mail when you sign up? or does an itinerary/meeting point ect. get e-mailed? How does it work exactley? On the registration form I printed out there's a "Participant agreement" form which asks for Program & program code. I don't know what the code that only for courses?

    Thanks! exactly

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  2. rcwildone

    rcwildone Guest

    Hi, Randi

    I'm looking forward to finally meeting you, but you might be a bit confused about the April rendezvous. I'm responding online just in case anyone else is also.

    The ACA is holding a rendezvous from April 22-24 in Arizona, followed by another four days, April 25-28, in and/or around Zion. Information about ACA rendezvous is available on the ACA web site -- -- where you will also find an FAQ and registration forms.

    There has been talk of some other guys forming the "Other Canyoneering Association" (OCA) and offering "drunken slot fests" (or are they now called "drunken slot orgies"). Perhaps they're doing something in Escalante in April.

    If you are referring to the ACA rendezvous in Zion, there is some space left. We waived the ACA membership requirement for this one because of Koen's involvement with the Canyons Group. However, ACA members will take priority if we run short of qualified leaders. Dave Black and I are running a special Canyoneering Rescue Course, Canyon Leader Exam and WFR Course at the end of this month to qualify more leaders. If a couple of them are available for Zion, we could handle another 10 to 15 people.

    We have settled on a service project for the rendezvous. Park officials informed me that the most abused canyon in Zion is the Narrows and the worst section is the lower end. I volunteered to spend the better part of a day picking up trash and removing graffiti. Several people have already volunteered to help and we can always use more. In addition to the warm fuzzies you will feel contributing to a worthwhile project, the ACA will reward all volunteers with ACA t-shirts and a barbecue. I'll even do all the cooking.

    Hope this cleared things up. If you plan to attend the Zion rendezvous, I'd be happy to answer all of your questions. Email me directly at or feel free to call me at home at 480.897.1416.

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