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Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by clangingsymbol, May 1, 2017.

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    I have read many reports about Punchbowl in the last few years and had this one on my list. I talked to a few friends and we narrowed down on the last weekend of April. Boy did we luck out. Pushing 100 the weekend before and the forecast is for 100+ the weekend after. As such, we had a very enjoyable and pleasant lower 80s (Phoenix) forecast.

    I am newer to the Canyon Community with nearly all my experience in Trade Route canyons, so this was a little different for me with most of the anchors being natural, and no real trails. It was a blast! There is lots of beta on this one, so I will just share the pictures and only add to the beta as follows: I would have been very sad to have done this canyon with a forecast much higher than we were at. The pools were cold, but we never were. We took the Fin Route and my thoughts for you are to ascend early and fast. We started up pretty quick, but moved too far horizontally on the way up and therefore had to back track, but only a little, and I was afraid we had started up too early and too fast. There were still several mandatory swims and every pool (that held water) was full or nearly full. Finally, make sure you see the next anchor before pulling the last on the back-to-back raps. There were one or two with double raps and if we had pulled, it would have been tough to put something together. There were a few gnarly rappel entries, but all in all a great canyon!!!

    We did core shot a rope (my first...does that qualify me to graduate from beginner class yet???)...somehow, it hung up on a piece of rock about 15 feet up and when it was whipped out of the crack, the rock was loose enough that it flaked and pealed off. The rock fell into the water and we thought we were good until we coiled the rope and found the problem. We think the rock fell on the rope and pinched it against another rock under the water line. Fortunately, this community put me on to taking two rappel rated ropes, even if you plan to use one as a "pull cord". As such, we just used that one as our pull cord for the rest of the trip.

    Enjoy the pics. Sorry if there are too many, but it was a great canyon and we have a few good ones.


    The Entry Gate

    The Dino House...Right at the road.

    Headed up.

    Looking for the Fin.

    The view from the Fin...It was awesome!

    Looking for the entry to the Canyon.

    Is it alive in there?

    Passing bags around this step.

    Our desires and attempt to stay dry were for not as about 5 feet later, the first mandatory swim came!

    This was the first swim for the first one down.

    We were able to get help with the rest to stay dry, but that to did not last!

    The pull across.

    What a frame.


    Enjoying the view from the top of the last rappel. This picture is kind of funny...I do not remember the clouds covering the full sky like this. Must have been the lucky one second it did.

    And one of the group for good measure.

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    Nice photos. Punchbowl is on my to-do list

    I am amazed at how much moss sticks to a rope. Even after washing my rope in the wash it still had that nasty moss stuck to it that seems to be in every pool in the Superstition Mts. lol
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