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Public Lands -- Under Assault Again

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by townsend, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. townsend


    Plano, TX
    A constant theme of the Trump presidency is the exploitation of public lands and resources by private corporations. (Yes, it has happened before, but it has been much worse during the last three years -- think of the damage done by Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke, as cases in point)

    The U.S. Forest Service has released a proposal that would eliminate and drastically reduce public participation in about 93% of land management projects. The intended purpose is to to streamline the logging, mining, drilling and other destructive commercial exploitation of the public lands.

    In the canyoneering community, we have concepts of "ghosting" to minimize the impact of our activities on the natural environment. There is no concept of ghosting when private corporations exploit public lands for their own private profit. Once the trees are cut down, the natural gas extracted, the precious ores mined, the companies don't give a damn about the destruction of the landscape. Considering the few wild spaces that remain, continued destruction of natural habitat is sheer unadulterated cruelty toward wild animals. It also ignores the needs of the American public who need to escape the concrete jungles and spend time in nature.

    Correction: the private corporations who are intent on exploiting the public lands do have a concept of "ghosting." After making all the money they can, they will be no where to be found -- that is, like a ghost -- when it comes to cleaning up the mess they created. The promised jobs they swore to create will also belong to the "ghost" category as well -- nowhere to be found.

    At any rate, go to this link and voice your comments:

    I hold no animus toward my fellow adventurers, but I am sick and tired of the destruction of Americans' public lands.
  2. Ram


    Amen. The assault is so continuous, as to be numbing. Fight or lose it all. Not just for us, but our posterity. Thank you for posting this. Writing my comments now!
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  3. Kuenn


    Important to stay informed of the issues, examine motives, be wise to the rhetoric, and apply large doses civility. Be open to change as an advocate for improvement, full well knowing that in today's America there will always be an opposing side.

    "Never bring the problem solving stage into the decision making stage. Otherwise, you surrender yourself to the problem rather than the solution."
    R.H. Schuller
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  4. MeiDayMeiDay


    Bay Area CA
    Its so sad that the people supporting these people don't see that destroying America's natural beauty is incredibly unpatriotic.
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  5. Modifier


    Link is broken. Can someone provide an update?
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