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Prefered neoprene gloves?

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by NevadaSlots, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. NevadaSlots


    Mine have bitten the dust, does anyone have any real-world recommendations? For context, I rarely use them at all but when I do it's for wet Colorado Plateau canyons is cold temps and from time to time something in the Rockies class C. The only ones I've found specifically made for canyons are the Kong Canyon ones with kevlar palms, any reviews?
  2. Yellow Dart

    Yellow Dart It's only hubris if I fail.

    La Verkin
    Have used some kevlar palmed gloves I imported. There was zero wear on the palm after several canyons.

    Alas, they did not continue the kevlar past the nape at the base of the thumb, and ropes wore through those threads exposing fleshy skin.

    So while I can recommend kevlar palms, make sure whatever company you buy from has reinforcement there.
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  3. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    I tried neoprene gloves a couple times, mostly for Heaps, and found them pretty much unworkable. I was unable to grip the rope due to the bulk of the glove. I ended up wearing the gloves for swimming, then taking them off for rappelling.

    You might try wearing exam gloves for warmth (keeps the water from physically touching your skin) with my Powergrip Gloves (gardening gloves, knit with dipped plastic) over them. A thin liner under the exam gloves might help... I chose too thick a liner for the Black Hole last time and ended up with my hands being like in a cast... no rappelling there.

    Promoting good circulation in your hands is also useful.

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