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Playing on Ice/Bringing the woman?

Discussion in 'Archives - Yahoo Canyons Group' started by Bob Shear, Dec 31, 2000.

  1. Bob Shear

    Bob Shear Guest

    >Looks cold, Bob. Are you sure that's just as much fun as canyoneering >in Arizona? Here we swim off the end of our rope. Looks like you have >to skate off. Damn, I'm getting cold just thinking about it.


    Hey, I saw that Anyplace Wild episode, and it didn't look all that cozy a swim.

    Apart from the outer layer (and one little thing I'm testing out), I'm not dressing much different from what I wore in Zion in May. The Test: I spent yesterday in my Five-Ten Canyoneers with SealSkinz socks and one sock liner. Sometimes in knee-deep snow, sometimes in ankle deep water, like when I broke through the ice, or took a test stroll in the water of Skaneateles Lake. Chemical toe warmers inside the SealSkinz did the job. Cost two bucks, last six hours, and as soon as you're out of the water and walking around, your feet get comfortably warm again. Standing in cold water or snow for a while does chill the toe tops, though.

    Second Point: I was really taken aback by Shane's "Who is in charge of bringing the woman?" line, and your (Rich's) reply. Yesterday I posted a pic of my sister-in-law rappelling wth me down a frozen waterfall. I've even suggested she consider subscribing to this group. Am I missing something, or have I got the wrong place here?

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