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Packrafting the Dirty Devil

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alias_Rice, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Alias_Rice


    7 or 8 years ago I got the idea to packraft the Dirty Devil, but with such a limited time when flows are sufficient for rafting it never happened. The last several years my spring spare time has been dedicated to canyoneering so I really haven't thought about it much. But as our snowpack keeps building, I'm starting to think maybe this is the year. The problem is that I'd hate to give up one of my limited canyoneering weekends, so I'd love to do both. Does anyone know if there is much access to canyons along the river? Thanks for any advice!
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  2. Dan Ransom

    Dan Ransom Staff Member

    Salt Lake
    The answer is... kind of.

    If you start at the bridge in hanksville, you go through a very nice section of navajo sandstone that holds many interesting slots at river level. That is between the bridge and Angel Cove, more or less. Could hit up any of the sand slides, or angel slots, or chambers.

    Below the Sawtooth you are in Wingate, and it doesn't slot quite like the Navajo. So the slots get farther and farther away from the river proper.

    The next real slots come in at river level in the Cedar Mesa formation at Happy Canyon, followed by Two-Step and then almost to the lake is Scar Tissue (with a handful of other small ones that may be worth exploring, I have no knowledge of them). But that's about it at river level.

    That said, I still think you could really make an amazing itinerary of canyons and paddling, especially if you get good flows.
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  3. Alias_Rice


    Thanks Dan. It looks like there is some options in there. The difficulty will be finding them from the river instead of up on the roads. Could be a great time if I can get the logistics together.
  4. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    What Dan said. Also though, don't forget to explore the non-technical (at least non-technical near the river) canyons as well.

    Some of the really canyons are Larry, Sams Mesa Box, and Happy Canyon. Assuming you floated below Poison Springs Canyon, Fiddler Cove is very scenic as well, but it is difficult to float the DD below Poison Springs due to log jams and mud flats.
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