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AZ: Grand Canyon Pack Rafting.

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Ram, Apr 22, 2017.

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    For those that know Grand Canyon history or have read the Emerald Mile, Mr. Rist is no stranger. For those that have done neither, a check on Google will be rewarding and bring you up to speed. Most everyone here knows Mr. Rudow from his massive conservation and access work, in addition to his unmatched exploration of slots in the Grand Canyon. This exchange, between the two showed up on a Yahoo group and strikes me as important. At a time when others are choosing to use technology to take the starch out of adventure, a move toward simplifying and upping the ante, learning "what it takes," to make a challenging idea into a safe and wonderful experience, through learning the "rules of nature," inspires me. Hopefully more details, stories and especially the "how to" can get shared here and inspire others.....

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    Wally, you might tell those concerned citizens of cyberspace that times are a changing. ;)

    This was my 10th river trip, but my first in a self supported packraft mode. For some of my friends it was their 3rd self supported packraft only river trip. It was quite enjoyable! I plan to make a habit of leaving the big boats behind. There was no time wasted moving tables and heavy gear around (for hours) setting and breaking camp. When we flipped, we just got back in our boats and continued, sometimes mid rapid. A few of my friends never flipped! Others just rolled out and kept on going, even in Lava. It was easy to make 30 miles in a day if we wanted.

    This new packraft technology is quite amazing. All of the gear stores inside the tubes. Each boat has a personal groover system - essentially a sealed container where you store wag bags. We carried a fire blanket and mini fire pan that met NPS regs. My packraft weighed 85 pounds at Lee's with 12 days of food and gear. Some packrafts were self bailers and others had spray skirts. The spray skirt boats were warmer for a winter trip. Best of all, we had so many non traditional camping options that it was mind boggling. No mice or ringtails either in those non traditional camp spots.
    In the future, this mode of private river running will become more attractive because the beaches are going away. It's the ultimate freedom in my view.
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