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Orderville canyon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jimmy Olsson, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Jimmy Olsson

    Jimmy Olsson

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    I've a few questions about the Orderville Canyon. I've read that there's no higher rappels then 20ft, and that youll be fine with a 50ft rope. But in this video at "13:05" they seems to be facing a rappel of 40 ft? Or are then just talking about the length of the rope?:

    However, I've also read that the whole hike would take abount 7-8 hours. Does it realy take that long?, or is that just an estimated time of a slow hiker? ; ) How fast have you done Orderville?
  2. Ram


    I was there on the 9th of this month. It is a downclimb to the left of the boulder splitting the watercourse, when water is deep. Its a partner assist capture, with the first person hand-lining, when the water is shallow. Never seen that rap, which appears up on the side. Staying in the watercourse, the drop is under 10 feet.
  3. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    This is the "jump boulder" which is not usually considered a rappel. These guys hiked up around the side and rappelled back into the canyon.

    Usually, we meat anchor a person or two down to check the depth of the pool, and the rest jump, because in the last couple years the pool has been deep and free of obstacles. In the old days, there used to be a log to climb up or down here, but that washed out.

    Be very cautious jumping here. There can be logs or rocks in the water, and the sand level in the bottom of the pool can change from time to time with flash flood through. A good flood event, such as spring runoff, can put more gravel into the pool, or wash the gravel out - very unpredictable. If the pool is not deep enough for jumping, then that would mean it is shallow enough for someone below to provide an effective spot/partner assist. The way you find out if the pool is deep enough is to set up a meat anchor and send someone down there on a rope, and they can probe around and figure things out.

    Oh, and... the word "jump"? You didn't hear it from me!

    Tom (or maybe someone else)
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  4. John Styrnol

    John Styrnol

    Grand Junction, Colorado
    If this is the one near the end, there use to be a bolt there.
  5. cirrus2000


    Vancouver, BC
    Time wise, yeah, that's not unreasonable. A little bit of a long estimate. It also depends whether you have to walk down the four-wheel drive road or not. The only time I did a full Orderville, a few years back, it took about 6 hours from the 4WD parking to the end of the Riverside Walk.

    I know a lot of people just love Orderville. I thought it was okay, but the only reason I've bothered going back was to descend from Engelstead, and to climb back up from Birch Hollow.
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