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Open Comment Period for Paria Canyon-Coyote Buttes Draft Business Plan

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by spinesnaper, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. spinesnaper


    This plan should be of interest to any party who likes to travel through the Paria Canyon System including Buckskin Gulch. It also covers The Wave. The plan increases fees and eliminates walk in permits. This means that 100% of the permits will be issued online: 10 per day will be available during two semiannual lotteries and 10 per day through a lottery held 48 hours in advance of the permit date. The plan does not affect day permits for the Paria Canyon system which are self administered at the trail heads. This is in response to large crowds that attend the lotteries for next day permits. The crowds have been up to several hundred for 10 permits.

    What is missing in the old system and the proposed new system is a mechanism for recovering permits that will be unused. It is one thing to obtain a permit online, it is quite another to actually get to such a remote area and use the permit. A system that requires a check-in with a permits desk 24 hours in advance, creates the opportunity for releasing permits that have been reserved, but where the parties for whatever reason will not actually use the permit, back for public use. This is critical for such a popular area that the BLM has decided to severely limit the number of visitors.

    The Mount Whitney Zone has such a system. It requires groups to pick of their permit the day before or to contact the ranger desk within 48 hours of the permit to make arrangements to claim the permit after hours. Groups that fail to do this are assumed to be no-shows. The permits are immediately released and are available up to 24 hours in advance for walk ins. This prevents permits that were reserved months in advance from going unused. As currently proposed, the Paria Canyon-Coyote Buttes permit system has no mechanism for assure that permits that will not be used are released back to the public. If you agree, please send your comments regarding the Paria Canyon-Canyon Buttes Special Management Area Draft Business Plan, by August 17 to the following address:

    The following is the detailed description of the new business plan.

    Sorry about the short notice. I only just discovered this open comment period.

    Ken Steinsapir
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  2. Rick Demarest

    Rick Demarest

    BLM seeks public input on Paria Canyon-Coyote Buttes Draft Business Plan • A CAC Summary

    Thanks for this information and your notes above.

    For those that don't want to wade through the whole document, I have put together a page on CAC's website with a summary of the proposed fee increase and use of for the permit process.
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