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Other Oahu Canyoneering: Kuliouou Valley

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by NateFlet, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. NateFlet


    A little bit late to this trip report as I had ran this canyon a while back, but I haven't found any other information about this valley so better late than never right?

    Sitting along the south-east side of the island, Kuliouou valley is seldom talked about, as it's ridge trail is more heard of for its incredible views over the east side of the island. This being said, I was very surprised to have found multiple, old anchor points placed on drops halfway down the valley. I wonder why there's nothing about it online. The canyon took a total of 13 hours (would have been 11 if I didn't have to ascend up one of the falls to fix the rope...), had around 8 drops, and had waterfalls no bigger than ~175 feet.

    This canyon was definitely a fun one, and I would probably run it again someday, perhaps from a different drainage though, as there are multiple before they all intersect each other.

    Here's a small video containing the highlights about the canyon:

    I should also mention that this canyon was my first full canyon I had run, so yes, even now, I look back and critique myself about some things I could have done better (such as wearing a helmet :rolleyes2:).
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