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North Wash Conditions (ongoing)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ratagonia, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    (just making a place for North Wash conditions to be posted)
  2. Steve Kugath

    Steve Kugath

    Spent a few weeks down in the North Wash (returned home March 30) so here is the latest in various North Wash canyon conditions.

    Left Fork Blarney - mostly dry; couple muddy spots; Fairly new anchor webbing (copper colored)
    Right Fork Shillelagh - mostly dry; Fairly new anchor webbing (copper colored)
    Left Fork Shillelagh - dry; older but passable anchor webbing
    Hogwarts - Water pool at Rap 1 avoidable; Rap 2 (arch) water avoidable; Rap 4 (final waterfall) water in pothole avoidable with some down climbing; mix of older and newer webbing through out.
    Right Fork Leprechaun - small amounts of water through out but avoidable with a bit of stemming. Despite flooding on Thursday March 21st there is no water in the dark section of the Canyon (Belfast Blvd.?) that many people hike up to from the parking lot.
    Merry Piglet- Knee to waist deep Water below each of the Rappels.
    Lucky Charms - Canyon is dry. The bottom of the 200' rappel is muddy if you rappel down the dryfall. Completely dry if Rapping from the anchors.

    Good seeing Ram and Tom out at the Sandthrax Campsite few weeks back. While heading home Saturday PM saw 11 vehicles at the Blarney/Shillelagh trailhead...busy day!

    Also saw (Saturday March 30th 2 pm ish) a Search and Rescue vehicle heading south through the North Wash, followed by the Sheriff, followed by an ambulance. Any rescues take place on Saturday March 30th in the afternoon?

    Steve Kugath
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