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North Wash conditions after recent rains?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by canyonpooper, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. canyonpooper


    Planning on spending a weekend in the North Wash and was wondering how water levels were, especially after some of the rain the past weekend. Anyone been down there recently?
  2. Canyonbug

    Canyonbug Outdoor Junkie!

    Blanding, Utah
    Most of the normal dry stuff was dry as of Last weekend and even some of the non-usual dry stuff was dry (big pool in Morocco was dry). We did get some rain in the Four Corners area Saturday evening though and I don't know how far that extended out towards North Wash or not.
  3. ratagonia


    Mount Carmel, Utah
    It rained pretty hard in North Wash on Saturday Night 4/7, but not for all that long. We did Hogwarts and Morocco on Saturday DAY, and both were as dry as I have ever seen them, so the whole area started extremely dry, and the rain was not all that much. We did Miss Piggy and Swine Flue on Sunday, and both showed signs of flow in places, but not much. There was no water at the bottom of the Swine Flue Flue. There was a pool at the bottom of Rappel2 in Swine Flue. Reports from Leprechaun were that there was not a significant pool at the walkout, and elsewhere pools were no more than ankle deep.

    My expectation is that there is likely some water in places with a big collection zone, but otherwise you are unlikely to encounter significant water except spring fed locations. (For instance, in Woody, the 'big keeper' near the end was lower than usual (on March 17th), but still almost swimmer, while the rest of Woody was pretty much dry.)

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