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North Wash Cedar Mesa

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Canyonguypat, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Canyonguypat


    Durango Colorado
    Hmm. I had an awesome report written up, then I accidentally double posted a pic and trying to delete it went back and lost my whole post. Heres a briefer version.

    My friend I normally canyoneer with went hiking in the front range and I had the urge to go canyoneering so I decided to return to the north wash and round out some of the easy canyons I hadnt got around to. I orginally planned on fry, gravel, Cheesebox, Blackhole, and the 3 minislots in the north wash. On the way out I stopped at North Wash Outfitters in Blanding. Jared, the owner/operator, was awesome and gave me beta saying I should be able to solo my chosen canyons and letting me try on some imlay canyon gear packs.

    Unfortunately things dont always work out like planned. When I got to the cheesebox road I didnt think my cobalt could cross white canyon. A little regretful I headed to the Black hole. I brought a 50 foot rope but didnt use it, downclimbing a slung log and the entrance to the narrows. The water was clearish due to recent rains and had about a 100 meter swim. I exited the alt canyon at 5.7 and made it back to my car at about noon.


    Next, I backtracked to Fry canyon. It had an awesome rap and chamber at the end, but the hike was long, hot, and not too exciting. I did the rap as a 35 foot rap then downclimb from the pothole. The swim was about 10 meters. Im glad I did it but not sure id repeat.[​IMG]

    The next day I decide to round out the forks of west butler with Fooling Around. I was not impressed at first 3 slots, but the 4th was beautiful with a constriction that made me stem 14 feet to get over. I had no wetsuit and swam about 6 strokes.[​IMG]

    Next up was Morroco. I left my car and headed up the great slickrock entrance. I downclimbed canyon left to avoid the first deadman and was deposited in a room with a cool arch and a pool. A trick move and I avoided getteing wet. The raps were short and quick and the canyon had a good flow. There was a wade to chest deep later so I got wet despite my tricky manuevering earlier.

    I headed over to the hog springs are to do.Hogwarts. I grabbed a 200 and 100 to practice retievables. After rigging a retievable from an arch on canyon right for the first rap I rapped into the classic arched room. A retrievable for #3 then a cool 80ish foot rap for the exit and I was quickly done with this fun canyon.[​IMG]

    Hmm So I thought this canyon, Blushing Bride was 2B. And it probably is. After some early pothole difficulties that I set handlines on constrictions so I could reverse I came to this problem I could not pass. it was 8-9 feet with a mucky bottom. My pack slid on the sandy bed above offering no purchase. Fortunately I was able to reverse my route and return back to my car. Being unable to pass this put a damper and I didnt even try jilted lover.

    I didnt love Merry Piglet. It was 3 short shimney sections I almost felt I could downclimb but rapped because I was solo. It looked like this 3 times. There was one short swim to 2 strokes.

    3 days in the north wash. I have to be back in Durango in 2 days and that experience with Blushing Bride kind of put a damper on trying canyons I don't have firsthand beta on. And there's no wifi in the wash to check stuff... How about I head to Moab and Arches, an area Id been to as a car camper earlier in my life. I spent one day here and did Elephant Butte, U-turn, andDragonfly. And here they are.

    The Climb up elephant butte, while not a canyon, is the highest point in arches and involves two raps. I had the road trip ryan description and , aside from not doing a great job saying where the route started, was super detailed. I rapped about 50 then downclimbed the first rap for a smoother pull.

    It was about Noon now so I decided to do U-turn canyon. It wasnt great, There were cool views but not as cool as elephant butte. The 2nd rap was easily downclimbable. Third was exactly 100 feet and fed right into parkway. Time for another adventure

    Dragonfly was fun but short. Its way different being in a national park than the north wash. There are canyon signs and everything is bolted and bomber riggged. I read there would be some potholes that might be a problem. All three were full but I could touch and could have climbed out if empty. The 2nd rap was very pretty, I rigged 2 200s because I need to get 150s. It was overkill, I should have brought one 200 and a 50 as the rap was maybe 110 feet. The hike out was longish and ok for such a short canyon.

    Overall I had a great time. I'm staying at the Lazy Lizard for 12 bucks a night which is pretty great. Check it out if you pass through moab. Headed to Insomnia/illusions the 7th/8th of august if anyone is interested.
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    Deagol too many hobbies

    that's packing a lot into a trip !!
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