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News New Canyoneering Shoe - Bestard Wildwater Pro

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by TJ Cottam, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. TJ Cottam

    TJ Cottam Adventure Plus

    There's a new canyoneering shoe coming this spring from Bestard. They should be here sometime around March. I'm currently taking pre-orders at

    Bestard Wildwater Pro
    As its name suggests, the Bestard Wildwater Pro is a new boot for all you're adventures in and around the water. Canyoneering, rafting, kayaking, caving, whatever it may be, this boot is up for the challenge.

    With this new addition to the Hidroline family, Bestard now offers the widest range of canyoning footwear anywhere.

    H20 Microtech and Cordura, materials used with great success in terms of wear resistance in the Canyon Guide

    Neck in neoprene and Cordura, for an excellent combination of comfort, softness, support, and durability

    Rubber toe glued without seams

    Stainless steel metal parts for better resistance to salt water ⦁All hooks are closed to prevent snagging

    Reflective heel for better visibility in the dark

    Secure tying system, with lace lock and tongue pocket to store the knot

    Sole Vibram Best Idrogrip + EVA Sole

    Poron mounted jig for more comfort and cushioning. It also allows to use the boot to be worn with the anatomical insole and normal socks for the approach, and then you can remove the insole when you reach the water to allow room for thicker neoprene socks while still maintaining a good level of cushioning.
  2. townsend


    Plano, TX
    TJ, I like the design of that shoe more than the older version. Thanks for posting.
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  3. hank moon

    hank moon lovely ligatures

    @TJ Cottam looks promising. Did they fix the heel-slip problem inherent in the low-cut model?
  4. TJ Cottam

    TJ Cottam Adventure Plus

    There is no heel movement in the new model, likely because they lace higher.
  5. bnwilso


    I was able to participate in the prototype testing for this boot and for me it turned out to be the best fit and performance of any canyoneering boot I have tried - and I've pretty much tried them all. I can't use the 5-10 Canyoneers because the toe box is too tight for my wider than normal foot. And my heel shape is problematic in the high top Bestard Canyon Guide boots - any lengthy hike and I end up with rubbing and blisters on the back of the heel.

    The toe box and heel area in the Wildwater were perfect for my feet. I wore them without any rubbing or blisters right out of the box and put a ton of miles on them. They are extremely durable, drainage is excellent and so is the traction. Of course all feet are different, but these are really worth checking out if you've experienced some of the difficulties I mentioned having with other boots.

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