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News National Parks Overwhelmed by Insta-Crowds

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clangingsymbol, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. clangingsymbol


    Interesting Report from ABC News. Posted to Youtube on July 30, 2019, so seems current/relevant with the discussion about the closure of Marble Canyon (some same/similar and some different reasons/concerns).

    During my family vacation to Zion at the beginning of Aug, a Park Range mentioned that while Zion is celebrating it's 100th birthday as a National Park (Nov 19, 1919), they are not advertising because of the "over crowding"!!! While I am concerned, as many of you are, about the over crowding in our national parks (I have seen it in Zion from my first trip in 2002), I am blessed to know places, even now, in many of my favorite NPS lands that I can escape to, and still feel, the solitude of creation!!! Just hike below the rim of the Grand for more than a mile and the crowds thin (as I did this summer). Hike beyond Scouts Lookout and the crowds thin (as I did this summer)! With a little planning, time and effort, the solitude we seek in nature is easy to find!!! Lets hope (and fight) to ensure we can continue to have the options to gain that experience!!!



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  2. Kuenn


    Agree, just breaking a little sweat seems to be the common denominator for losing a crowd these days. The instant gratification "swipe-a-device" addict doesn't appear to have an appetite for moderately strenuous.

    :moses: where's that flip-phone...

    From the video: Looked like she was interviewing right near the Mystery exit. A descending canyoneer would have certainly made things interesting - good/bad. "Oh, WOW...can I DO THAT TOO!"

    Alas, that's why they call them "public" lands.
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  3. clangingsymbol


    I was wondering when she was there. I was coming out of mystery at the end of June and walking in the narrows with my family at the end of July (when a canyoneerer came into view on the last rap)!!! Would have been awesome to talk to her about what she was seeing!!!
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