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News National Parks...Expect 'reduction in services'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ram, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Ram


    There has been concern expressed that Zion and its permit system may take the easy way out and reduce or shut down access during this mess

    Hi all, the following is from the Flagstaff Newspaper, the Arizona Daily
    Sun. FYI,

    Grand Canyon staff: Expect 'reduction in services'

    The following are the contents of a letter sent from a National Park Service
    office in Grand Canyon on Friday to people holding permits, including
    permits to take customers backpacking in Grand Canyon. If your agency is
    experiencing changes as a result of federal cuts, tell us about them at

    We know there are a lot of questions from visitors and businesses as
    sequestration begin to take effect, and government agencies begin to make
    required across-the-board cuts. We have had to make difficult decisions in
    preparing for these cuts. We have done our best to mitigate impacts to the
    visiting public, business owners and operators, stakeholders and others. A
    five percent reduction for Grand Canyon National Park means a cut of
    $1,060,139 - so there will be a direct impact to all.

    We want to be clear that Grand Canyon National Park remains open, and we
    will continue to do our best to provide a quality visitor experience to all
    who visit the park. Because it is not yet known how long a sequester would
    be in effect, it's premature to speculate on specific impacts. Once we know
    the duration of the sequester, we will be in a better position to identify
    specific impacts.

    What we know now is that visitors will see a reduction in services - summer
    hours at the park's main visitor center will be reduced by two hours and
    summer interpretive programs will be reduced, visitors will see longer lines
    at the entrance stations and permits for backcountry use could take longer
    to process. With a reduction in seasonal maintenance staff, park restrooms
    and campgrounds will not be as clean, reopening some park roads (Hermit Road
    and Desert View Drive) will be delayed after snow events, trails that close
    because of damage from rock slides or weather events will take longer to
    repair, and scheduled or emergency repairs to facilities, roads, overlooks,
    etc., will be delayed.

    As of now, there is no reason why your clients should cancel or change their
    Grand Canyon travel plans. We appreciate your patience as we continue to
    face this challenge. Should you have any questions or concerns, please
    contact our information desk at 928-638-7888.

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  2. Scott Chandler

    Scott Chandler Wildness is a necessity-John Muir

    It's awesome that one of man's most noble feats (NPS) gets to be abused while all our elected officials get to keep the same paycheck. :poop:
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