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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ram, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Ram


    In November 2018....worthy read

    And if so inclined....
    How You Can Help: The Bureau of Land Management is currently accepting public comments on the draft management plans. Click here for recommendations for crafting your comments.
    Visit for background information, planning documents and information about how to submit comments.
  2. EvergreenDean

    EvergreenDean OK with what happens

    Boulder, UT
    Thanks Ram. To add the latest news, the BLM just unveiled their preferred management plan for the removed areas, as well as their plan to reintroduce cattle to the Escalante River after a twenty year absence that allowed the watershed to be restored by thousands of volunteers. It’s an attempt to crush the spirit of the environmental community out here by destroying its crown jewel. Please make your comments to the BLM on this horrendous plan now. We must save this place.

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  3. Preston Gable

    Preston Gable

    But they will make $1.41 per head per month....

    I grew up on a cattle farm and I see no reason why trying to graze cattle by the river is at all attractive other than to stick it to them people that enjoy it without the dead cows stuck in slots.

    There is plenty of ground within the existing monument worth grazing, but it all currently looks over grazed to me....

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  4. townsend


    Plano, TX
    Ain't no debate at all "whose land is it?" It's native land, and you can even find out the tribe with this cool app:

    If you want to stem the hemorrhaging of the Americans' public lands -- leave it free and undeveloped for recreational purposes -- vote in the mid-terms for the appropriate candidates.
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  5. Kuenn


    If only it were that simple. (Although I applaud your edit.)

    Not wanting nor will I participate in a political - mine vs yours - where we all know there are no winners. The onus is on both elected officials and private citizens to work together and craft legislation that is fair and equitable for all concerns. Easy to say - hard to do! The absence of which has us right where we are today. Ain't nobody satisfied! And that pendulum will continue to swing (over-favoring the rulers of the hill for a season) until such a document/policies/legislation is crafted in stone - immutable.
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