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Mystery partners July 20 and other opportunities

Discussion in 'Meet Up' started by LonePeak, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. LonePeak


    I've got some room available on a Mystery trip Thur July 20, followed by Upper Left Fork/Das Boot (not Subway) on Fri and Pipe Spring or Boundary on Sat. If you're interested in this or other opportunities throughout the summer please message me. I've got several other great trips planned that might accommodate more partners. My internet access will be limited the next couple days.

    Here's more or less the type of company I'd ideally seek, though I can be reasonably flexible:
    Safe - helmets, backups, reasonable anchors and climbs
    Skilled - can pass knots and ascend rope if necessary, move efficiently through a variety of canyon features
    Uplifting- respectful, fun, reasonably clean language, preferably don't drink much or smoke
    Reliable- follow through with plans, stay together

    As for me, I’m a solid intermediate with about 40 canyons under my belt but I've really done my homework with rope skills and have tons of other outdoor experience. I don't drink or hike on Sundays. I'm up for a little high stemming and ~5.7 climbs from time to time, but not really looking for extended X-rated slots. My understanding of class C and serious keeper escape techniques is only theoretical at this point, so I'd love an opportunity to learn more in practice.
  2. Yellow Dart

    Yellow Dart It's only hubris if I fail.

    La Verkin
    If someone hasn't snagged your Mystery slot within a week of the trip, let me know and I'll bomb with ya.
  3. LonePeak


    Sound good, thanks. And thanks to the others who've messaged as well. We'll have some good trips this year.
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