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Morocco Canyon. Northwash.

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by wisconnyjohnny, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. wisconnyjohnny


    On Tuesday Night after we had done Medieval Chamber we set up camp at Goose Island north of Moab. Lucky to get a spot FYI. Wednesday morning we packed out by 9 am and headed for Northwash area with a few canyons in mind. After we stopped for lunch and some wifi and setup camp at sandthrax it was 2pm. Not much time to approach a canyon and get thru it before dark. We decided on Morocco based on ease and time needed as well that I have a thing for arches and natural bridges.
    The approach is beautiful and just a tidge exposed but one would really have to mess up to fall at the exposed area. We got to the canyon head in our suggested beta time and started our descent. The Raps and natural bridge are just awesome.
    Then came the pools.! ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️
    We knew a few were avoidable besides the last two. There is a series of three pools in rapid succession, towards the end we heard we could stem or walk around. The first two were easy one stem and one walk around. The third one however caught us a little off guard. A 15 ft stem off the deck and with a mistake you are falling into murky water with rocks possibly lurking underneath.
    After about 10 minutes of debate we decided to just get wet. It would be fun.!!!!
    The girlfriend went down the crack first and splash. Breath taken away and "omg it stinks"
    we laughed. I went next and yeah it was cold but no mean rocks underneath.
    The sun was going away so we were actually chilled. we put the phones away in plastic bags and got out of dodge. Racing thru the rest of the canyon with the final pool chest deep. We shivered as we set the rope for the last rappel. The sun was behind the cliffs.
    Didn't even bother taking our harnesses off walking back to car. we quickly put on dry clothes and cranked the heat even though it was 65 degrees outside.
    It made for a great exciting exilerating short outing.
    I actually loved morocco. Interesting pretty and a little bit of everything.

    IMG_4845.JPG IMG_4853.JPG IMG_4856.JPG

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  2. Jolly Green

    Jolly Green

    Farmington, UT
    FYI, all the pools are avoidable if you look for options to the right. I've done this one 3-4 times and never even gotten a shoe wet. Seems like there is always manky looking water in there.

    Nice writeup. Sounds like a fun trip.
  3. wisconnyjohnny


    haha. i saw a way around 3rd pool to the right but the girlfriend didn't like the slide to bottom of canyon. as far as last two pools i saw nothing unless one uses serious wall climbing skills. It was fun anyways. I would love to see some video of avoiding them. that's skill.
    Thanks for kudos on TR.

    Oh yeah water smellage bothered jean more than I
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  4. robert kyslovsky

    robert kyslovsky

    looks like the two of you are having a lot of fun and getting around!!!
    Wet, dry, its all good....
  5. wisconnyjohnny


    you hit the nail on the head. Right On!!!!:thumbsup:
  6. Moab Mark

    Moab Mark

    Climb out left side, there is a wind arch u can anchor off and rappel back in. Have done lots of times and never get wet.

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