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UT: Moab Moonflower with Alternate Rap 2

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by VBlueV, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. VBlueV


    2019-06-09 Sunday..
    Along Kane Creek Road (across the river from Potash Road) is Moonflower Canyon.
    WOW! Best rappel, EVER! 200 foot free-hang. Incredible!

    I had been putting this one off for a while. For one, it read like a really long steep up-hill approach.
    And two, only 2 rappels? Now realize, should've done this earlier!

    Moonflower approach begins up the "Stair-master Trail". What? Is this the '80s? Haven't seen a Stair-master for ages. Best to do this approach first thing in the morning, when most the up-hill section is in the lee of the tall towers in nice cool shade. Once on the plateau overlooking Moab, follow the Jeep Trail down and around to the head of Moonflower.

    After leaving the Jeep Trail, a series of pot-holes lines the route, some empty, some full! For the second full pot-hole, the walk around is left-down-canyon, but it's bush-whacky. Approaching the next pot-hole, look of disbelief on the team's faces. They can't see a way around, and it's a full swimmer!!! As I get closer to the deep pothole, spy a fallen tree laying diagonally on the near side below the pour-over. Then carefully stem down between the log and the pot-hole wall down to a narrow sandy bank. Stayed dry all day! (The single-bolt allegedly on the RDC wall, could've been there, but we didn't see it)

    Immediately after the deep pot-hole.. THE BIG ONE! A 200 foot rappel of awesomeness!

    This (not so level) photo shows the whole system. Anchor is a tree 50 feet around the corner, with enough webbing to get to the lip of the pot-hole guarding the 200 foot descent. There's also a Deadman Anchor (as a back-up) buried deep in the sand above the pot-hole. (Three empty bolt-holes still adorn the wall directly above the pot-hole)

    What have I got myself into now?

    "This is fun!"

    Seriously, out of the rappels I've done to date.. THIS IS THE BEST ONE!!!

    Woo hoo! We did THAT!

    It was reported, the bolts for the second rappel had been removed (and we didn't find any new bolts).
    However, we did see brand new webbing above an arch-shaped capstone 100 yards right-down-canyon, anchored to a very solid pine-tree. So, we just used that one. Another free-hanging rappel! Still amazing!

    Moonflower Rappel 2 multi-stage (zoomed in)

    After descending into the final alcove, we walk the short distance to the very back of the alcove to gaze up at the primary "second rappel" down the main pour-over. We plan to come back anyways to do the first rappel again. So next time, we'll bring two very long single lengths of webbing to re/rig the primary pour-over for both the first AND second rappels (as required). (btw. we did have over 100 feet of webbing in our packs, but we would've had to tie all the segments together. Besides, there was already new webbing rigged at the alternate second rappel, so we just did the alternate)

    Thank you to a solid team. And thanks for viewing
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