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Looking for partners

Discussion in 'Meet Up' started by davidjamison, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. davidjamison


    Salt Lake City, UT

    Due to moving around some and not really participating in social media I need more people to do canyons with! Live just west of Salt Lake City now.

    I've been doing canyons for about 10 years and was a University of Utah instructor for 3 years. Generally know the swell, roost and north wash extremely well and I have done several in Zion.

    I would be interested in any and all trips as long as I dont have to find the other group members haha. I dont mind doing "easy" canyons and helping people practice skills, they are all beautiful to see again.

    Generally competent and practiced with most devices, anchors, rescue rigging, on rope rescue and hauling. Absolutely love climbing out of potholes. Generally comfortable with most canyons up to and including "R" canyons, honestly not sure I'm interested in tougher than that until I get out more reliably for a bit.

    Thanks for reading!


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  2. Canyonero


    Freezefest is the secret. It might not be pleasant, but you will meet a lot of canyoneers very quickly. It's a virtual who's who of the canyoneering world.

    The problem with finding experienced partners is they all have more partners than they can invite on any given trip already. So you either have to find someone with way more time than partners (and there aren't many), or you have to train your own! Luckily, it sounds like you're capable of doing that.