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Little Santa Anita?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pofr, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. pofr


    Never been to the San Gabriels before, But I may have a getaway day to spend here in late June. It seems fairly tame, but I'm curious if there's a consensus that it's suitable for class C beginners during that time of year. Also how do most people exit? Out the bottom and over the gate (trespassing) or up the steep exit path (and is that sketchy?)? Thanks for any advice. There really haven't been enough canyons in my life for the last while.
  2. skunkteeth


    Pasadena, CA
    Very beginner friendly. I have never seen it as class C, only after a week of big rains will you see conditions like that. It usually an A and maybe a B, June will likely only have water at your ankles in places and maybe your thighs. Most people exit the dam way without trouble. If you go up the steep exit path you miss one of the best rappels.
  3. David Krider

    David Krider

    I just did Little Santa Anita about two weeks ago and it is in great shape right now. Unless you are doing it in the rain or after a series of strong storms the water is not an issue. I recommend you exit out the bottom. When we did it the gate was unlocked, but most of us had already climbed it before we discovered that, so definitely check it out first. Enjoy! Message me if you have any questions.
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