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LF suggestions on canyons in SE Utah

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eli Poss, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Eli Poss

    Eli Poss

    Hi, my name is Eli Poss. I'm new to this site so I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. I'm looking for some suggestions on canyons to run with my outdoorsy-but-not-a-canyoneer mother in May when she comes to visit for graduation.

    I've run canyons up to 3b III in north wash and poison springs and am an avid climber but I'm looking for something less technical for this. My mother is very sensitive to exposure and experiences a range of symptoms from stress to light headedness and vertigo when she sees exposure. Ideally something on the border between class 2 and class 3 with some technical aspect and perhaps some easy scrambling but certainly no rappels and limited exposure. Lots of easy stemming and slots that are narrow but not a squeeze are both pluses. I'll be bringing a short rope for a little extra security on any scrambling (mostly for a psychological comfort for her) but I think she would probably prefer not to be on anything that a rope is really needed.

    In terms of popularity, something off the beaten path would be preferred but anything that isn't swarming with people is fine. We'll be coming from Durango, CO and ideally I'd prefer not to drive more than an hour further than poison springs but I'm open to anything.

    What I have in mind so far is lucky charms and part of leprechaun hiking in from the bottom. Lucky charms is perfect except one upclimb that might make her uncomfortable, and I'm not sure how far she'll make it into leprechaun before she gets sketched out by the squeeze and/or other upclimbs.

    Thanks y'all
  2. Downward Bound

    Downward Bound

    Flagstaff, AZ
    Lower Maidenwater is nice and non-technical. You can make a loop with Trail Canyon, though we did not.

    You can also do the upper part of Fortknocker Canyon as a loop, but we did have to use an improvised potshot to get over one boulder. You could just turn around and return via the entrance. There is one or two exposed dry falls.

    The Frylette is short and right off the road.

    We had all three to ourselves.

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  3. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    Moonshine Wash
    Lower Black Box
    Chute of Muddy Creek
    Devils Canyon
    Little Wildhorse (can be crowded)
    Farnsworth Canyon
    Lower Maidenwater
    Swett Creek
    South Fork Ticaboo from the bottom
    Bullfrog Slot
    Sulphur Creek
    Burro, Cottonwood, and Fivemile from the bottom
    Halls Creek Narrows
    Lower Happy Canyon
    Main Fork Bluejohn from the bottom
    Zebra and Tunnel Slots
    Death Hollow from Boulder Mail or bottom
    Egypt 3
    Brimstone from the bottom
    Peekaboo/Spooky (can be crowded)
    40 Mile/Willow
    Little Death Hollow/Wolverine
    Bull Valley Gorge
    Willis Creek
    Round Valley Draw
    Buckskin Gulch
    Fry from the bottom/Frylett
    Long Canyon from the bottom
    Gravel Canyon from the bottom
    Black Hole (maybe)
    Kennarra Creek
    Middle Echo from the bottom
    Aztec Creek
    Cha Canyon
    Cathedral Wash
    Jackass Creek
    West Fork Oak Creek
    Wet Beaver Creek
    West Clear Creek
    East Clear Creek
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