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Other Leprechaun and Blarney

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by RossK, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. RossK


    The previous trip report on High Spur covers this weekend. After a stormy morning around High Spur we managed to get a half day of clearer weather to do Blarney top down and hike Leprechaun bottom up - although Anthony "reversed canyoneering" up Leprechaun as he uclimbed rappels after offering to look for a rucksack 2 people had abandoned a week or 2 earlier after getting tired and then rescued in the dark. Unfortunately it had gone. I guess these 2 canyons are well-known to people on the forum, but they certainly make for some nice pictures

    Blarney first with its nice slot section


    Robin posing




    Then it was Leprechaun. I do like a slick rock floor rather than rocks or sand.







    The first narrow section. The really narrow section didn't work for my camera as it was late in the day and too little light.



    Two other people searching for a better view

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