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AZ: Mogollon Rim Leave it to Beaver 3B III (first descent) packraft exit, Wet Beaver Wilderness

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Jay Wisocki, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Jay Wisocki

    Jay Wisocki Owner at Wilderness First Recovery LLC

    Prescott Arizona
    There's not many situations on the rim where you can canyoneer and do a packraft exit during snow melt, We recently did a first descent on this canyon, set anchors, named it (Leave it to Beaver) did 8 rappels and attempted a packraft exit back to the car. The situation is there with the proper CFS and the proper gear. We hit it at 140 CFS with the explorer 200's. (not recommended) A more durable packraft would get the job done and end with a 10 minute hike to the car. You can also just run the canyon and take the Bell trail back to your car at around a 3 mile hike out. P2090176.JPG P2090178.JPG P2090184.JPG P2090188.JPG P2090191.JPG P2090193.JPG P2090199.JPG P2090210.JPG P2090212.JPG P2090220.JPG P2090223.JPG P2090230.JPG P2090233.JPG P2090239.JPG P2090242.JPG P2090245.JPG P2090249.JPG P2090258.JPG P2090268.JPG P2090274.JPG P2090275.JPG P2090281.JPG P2090285.JPG P2090288.JPG P2090294.JPG P2090301.JPG P2090304.JPG P2090307.JPG P2090311.JPG P2090314.JPG P2090320.JPG P2090323.JPG P2090326.JPG P2090330.JPG P2090333.JPG P2090336.JPG P2090346.JPG P2090350.JPG P2090352.JPG P2090355.JPG P2090356.JPG P2090357.JPG P2090358.JPG P2090360.JPG P2090368.JPG P2090376.JPG P2090379.JPG P2090381.JPG P2090383.JPG P2090385.JPG P2090391.JPG P2090393.JPG P2090397.JPG P2090399.JPG P2090403.JPG P2090404.JPG P2090406.JPG P2090411.JPG P2090412.JPG P2090413.JPG P4090414.JPG
  2. Downward Bound

    Downward Bound

    Flagstaff, AZ
    Nice video! We're getting a lot of snowmelt around Flagstaff and even normally dry washes are flowing really hard.
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